Xunauntunich & Mopan River Kayaking

This adventure was created to offer you a unique and ultimate visit to one of the most popular ancient Maya ruins of western Belize and combining the visit with some water fun!…. kayaking down a section of the incredible Mopan River.

Xunantunich is located approximately 80 miles west of Belize City and is situated at the point of a ridge above the Mopan River, within sight of the Guatemala Border.  Its name means “Stone Maiden” in the Maya language. In order to get to the ruins site, all visitors must first cross the Mopan River by means of one of the last remaining hand cranked ferries in Belize. Once on site, you will see the majestic “El Castillo” pyramid surrounded by lush rainforest, as well as three adjoining plazas and some 20 additional structures. “El Castillo” is the site’s largest and highest –rising some 133 feet above the plaza and it is also the second tallest in all of Belize. This main temple is visible from some areas of the Belize River Valley below.  On its east side there are well preserved remains of a stucco frieze containing a number of sun god masks. This decoration at one time extended around the entire temple. In all you will spend about 2.5 hours at the ruins.


Lunch will be enjoyed at one of the local restaurants in the area, which offers the most popular Belizean specialty- rice & beans, stewed chicken, fried ripe plantain & cole slaw with a glass of fresh orange juice to finish off the scrumptious meal!

Now you will be ready for some real fun- Kayaking down the Mopan River! Before heading off, your guide will give a short introduction regarding the tour, water safety, the use of your equipment, and the characteristics of the river and will answer any questions or concerns. Everyone will then gear up and prepare for the adventure.

Once in the river, you will be gliding past lush rainforest, heading downstream- with your guides alternating
in front, middle and back of the kayaking group. Along the way, your guide will point out a towering Fig tree in which you can see quite a number Green Iguanas and many rare & colourful birds.  You will also be kayaking over a series of class 2 rapids and will exit at Clarissa falls. This portion of the expedition will take approx. 2 hours. Entire trip should be over at approx. 3-4 pm

NTENSITY: Moderate
DURATION: 7 Hours (approx.)

  • Shorts and t shirt (change of clothes)
  • towel
  • bug spray
  • sunscreen
  • water shoes
  • water bottle
  • snack
  • Camera

PRICE: US $120/per persons