Whale Shark Tour Snorkeling

From the full moon to last quarter in the months of April, May and June, Gladden Spit on the Main Belize Barrier Reef comes alive with the aggregation of several different species of Snappers, Jacks and other Pelagic species. The spanning of snappers attracts the world’s largest fish the Whale Shark (Rhicondon Typus) which feeds on the spawn and other plankton in this nutrient rich part of the reef. Even though the Whale Shark can be seen in other tropical waters, Gladden spit in Belize offers the opportunity to scuba dive and snorkel with this magnificent creature. The Whale Shark Zone is in the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve which is co-manage by the Belize Fisheries Department and Southern Environmental Association(SEA) who provides excellent management of the activities inside the park. Tours to the Whale Shark Zone leaves Placencia at 9am and is approximately an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes boat ride. Check in with the rangers and a detailed briefing on the dive and snorkel precedes entry into the whale shark zone where each boat has a 90 minutes slot to dive and snorkel. Surface interval is in a calm area protected by the barrier reef at which time lunch is served and the opportunity to snorkel some of the healthiest reefs in Belize. After a long surface Interval a second dive and snorkel takes place in the whale shark zone then returns to Placencia. The whale shark dive and snorkel is considered an advance dive and snorkel because of currents and sea conditions present at times. Divers are asked to be advanced certified or experienced open water divers and snorkelers are asked to be strong swimmers and comfortable in open water. We keep our groups small so our experienced guides provide the best possible support in and out of the water.

Whale Shark tours are strictly regulated with limited divers and snorkelers on each vessel. This tour has become quite popular over the years and fills up quickly. To confirm space on the whale shark tour a deposit of 30% is required. The cost of the whale Shark Snorkel is US$165.00 and the Whale Shark Dive is US$225.00 per person.

This Tour is done from Placencia Port