Water fall Rappelling

A Maya Guide Adventures “signature tour” now transformed into one of Belize’s high-adventure masterpieces alongside Angel Falls Extreme Zip Line and Rappelling. Safe Team once again, Tour starts with a 1 hour hike. The first 30 minutes cover a gradual incline. The second 30 minutes cover a steep ascent accompanied by short rests and water brakes. We are now at the edge of the fall, we have climbed a bit over 1000 feet. Below we contemplate Angel’s Valley. An impressive view of mountain peaks extends to the horizon. What a view…! We are pouring sweat. Let’s cool off in one of the crystalline pools above while your guides set up the rappel system.

Emotions are starting to run high. You are fitted into a seat harness and a chest harness followed by a thorough orientation. Rappel line is in place. Back-up or belay line is in place. On-rappel assist line is in place. Edge tender set. Belay man set. On rappel! Feel the rush while you approach the edge and savor to the max your next 400 feet of descent. Your bottom belay assistant is waiting for you at the bottom, but don’t rush … take your time and enjoy perhaps a once in a lifetime experience

No experience is needed; the guides show you the ropes and talk you through the whole process.

INTENSITY: Challenging
DURATION: 8 Hours (approx.)

  • Hiking boots/trainers
  • Long pants (quick dry) Short sleeve shirt
  • change of clothes
  • small backpack
  • 2 liter of water
  • bug spray
  • snacks
  • camera

PRICE: US $125/per persons