Swazye River Kayaking

If you were searching for a place to get away and enjoy Mother Nature’s wonders, Red Bank is the ideal place. Just 4 miles west from the Southern Highway lies the small and quiet Mayan village of Red Bank where the Scarlet Macaws have made their seasonal feeding grounds. About 30 minutes’ drive from Red Bank we get into the Swasy River, which is a passage to the Amish community of Roseville. Before the trip starts, a safety briefing is given on the actual condition of the river and rapids. We kayak down the river for about 3 hours through the lush jungle. Because of the lush vegetation in that area, you have the high possibility of seeing many species of birds and animals. The Scarlet Macaws gather near the river to feed on sweet ripe fruits on the trees. Every year around late December to early March, this colorful and protected species can be seen in large flocks (numbering up to 200 pairs). Apart from the seasonal arrival of the Scarlet Macaw, Red Bank is also home to many other species of birds such as Hummingbirds, Toucans, Oropendolas and parrots, so your binoculars is something you do not want to forget for this trip! The kayaking on the Swasy River takes you through a series of currents/rapids class 1.

Lunch is enjoyed along the river side. This consists of a buffet styled- “Do-It-Yourself-Burrito with homemade flour tortillas, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, cucumber, carrots, cheese, sliced boneless ham, pastrami and condiments such as mustard, mayonnaise and Belizean famous-“Marie Sharp’s” hot sauce. For those guests who are vegetarians (Kindly specify in advance), you can simply skip the meats. Burritos are delicious with just the veggies!

Physical Requirements:

Participants MUST have an excellent level of physical fitness and should be able to tolerate dark caves and should be able to swim with all safety gear on (especially P.F.D & Helmet.)
Cancellation of Tour: Heavy mountain rains can produce flooding that will force us to cancel this tour and do an alternative tour. If during the trip itself, heavy rains are experienced, the guide may make the decision to call off the tour for safety reasons. It should be noted that at all times, your guide/s have your safety and well-being in mind, and will be forced to make decisions that will keep you safe!

Special Note: ALL guides are certified as Wilderness First Responder medics, and are certified in Flood & Swift Water Rescue. Your guides are proud members of the Belize Disaster and Rescue Response Team known also as BDARRT. BDARRT is affiliated with Belize’s-National Emergency Management Organization- NEMO and has participated in response efforts in Belize & neighboring Mexico (after Hurricane Wilma). BDARRT is currently the training company for the Belize Tourist Board- Certified Tour Guides that take guests into popular natural caves such as this one and who offer tours to resort guests, private groups, cruise ship passengers and locals alike.

 Kindly note that your Guide’s Gear List Includes:           

  • Single kayak,
  • Helmet
  • Type 5 -P.F.D
  • 70 feet throw rope dry bag
  • Medical First Aid Kit