Jungle Survival

Add Belize’s Jungle Survival expedition to your list of adventures and experiences!

 Leaving the comfort of modern society, you step into the most hostile Jungle environment. The intent of Jungle survival course is to obtain many of the techniques and concepts that have been used by our ancestors for thousand of years. These include learning how to hunt, trap mammals, birds, fish; identifying edible pants, medicinal plants, mushrooms and poisonous plants.

Practical application is the best way to acquire these skills, hence the reazon why we put our knowledge into action when it comes to the jungle. Skills such as learning how to sharpen and use your machete to make your shelter, being able to start a opened fire to cook, find and collect food water are what will help you know your way through the Belize’s vast Jungle

This course is done in the Maya ancestral home, land of sacred fertile soil, valleys, rivers, vibrant flora and fauna. At sun set the nocturnal animals start roaming in the jungle.. It’s a remarkable experience that can only be felt in the lush rainforest of Belize.

Jungle Survival Can be done at different levels

Over night Jungle Survival

3 Days Jungle Survival

4 days Jungle Survival