Extreme Zipline

Don’t get diverted by the word “extreme”, in this case it means “best”! Venture to Belize’s mountains and hit the picturesque Hummingbird Highway, orange orchards through winding valleys call for your camera lenses to capture the back drop of this jungled paradise. Under this evergreen tapestry of thousands of plant species lies a hidden world of limestone riddled by thousands of caves and many underground rivers flowing west towards the sea. Halfway between Belmopan City and the coastal town of Dangriga we turn into Angel’s Valley where the most spectacular zip-line in Belize is waiting for you to bring in your adrenaline and combine it with the mountain setting. Welcome! This is not the average zip-line. You will be reaching speeds of close to 50 miles per hour.

For this thrilling adventure we have brought together the best guides of Belize, pioneers of Zip-Lining, Cave Rappelling, Cave Tubing and Cave Kayaking to ensure that your day with us becomes a treasure chest of high-adventure memories. And just in case your friends don’t believe you, bring your cameras and ask your guides to take photos of you as you soar over the Maya Mountains. The views from some of the 15 platforms are stunning with the cables suspended mountain to mountain hundreds of feet above the forest canopy.

Next, you are spiraling up a staircase anchored to one of the most majestic trees you’ve ever seen. And here you are on your first platform. After an orientation on the gear, zip-lining and safety, SAFE Team has you suspended to two different cables by two different sets of tandem pulleys… Ready? 1, 2, 3! And soaring you go on your first zip, 7 more to go. The next 1½ – 2 hours are fluctuations of various degrees of adrenaline, at times accelerating to around 50mph way over the jungle canopy. Feel the air, feel the speed, admire the height and enjoy the adrenaline! The last zip ends at Wild Ginger Bar where you can enjoy a soothing cold drink. Join the most qualified team in high-adventure tourism and feel Belize. We are here to transform your Belize Experience.

What to wear? Long pants, close-toed shoes, t-shirt or long sleeve, bring insect repellent if you may have.

Time: 2½ hours.

Price Per Person: US$ 85.00 (two minimum)