Cave Tubing and Zipline Combo

Extreme Zip line & Cave Tubing AT ST. HERMAN’S BLUE HOLE NATIONAL PARK (away from cruise-ship-tourism)!

Don’t get diverted by the word “extreme”, in this case it means “best”! Venture northwest from your coastal vacation spot and hit the picturesque Hummingbird Highway, its orange orchards through the winding valleys calling for your camera lenses to capture the back drop of this jungle paradise. Under this evergreen tapestry of thousands of plant species, lies a hidden world of limestone riddled by thousands of caves and many underground rivers flowing west towards the sea;

ST Herman’s Blue Hole national Park, one of Belize’s protected area, with only a 10 minute hike to the cave entrance your guide will introduce you to the diverse flora and fauna of the area. After a two or three minute walk into the cave your guide will give you a talk on the geology of the area as well as on cave archaeology. Twenty more minutes of walking up the cave with only your headlights to shine your way and you will be getting into that refreshing splash of underground water. For the next 1 hour you will be swirling past stalactites and stalagmites, at times enjoying the peacefulness of only the water drops from the ceiling playing a percussion of cave music, At times, you will see formations glittering, reflecting light back at you through thousands of miniature calcite crystals. Your guide will give you a chance or two to float in total darkness and experience that timeless and at times weightless feeling.

After that Great Experience a 25 minute drive; We Welcome you To Angel Falls Extreme Zip line Next, you are spiraling up a staircase anchored to one of the most majestic trees you’ve ever seen. And here you are, on your first platform, 14 more to go…  After an orientation on the gear, zip-lining and safety, you are suspended to two different cables by two different sets of tandem pulleys… Ready? And flying you go through your first zip, 8 more to go… The next 1.5 hours to 2 hours are fluctuations of various degrees of adrenaline, at times accelerating way over the jungle canopy to around 50mph way. Feel the air, feel the speed, height and adrenaline!

Join the most qualified team in high-adventure tourism. We are here to transform your Belize Experience.

RECOMMENDED AGE: None. Height restriction of minimum of 48 inches
DURATION: 6-7 Hours

  • shorts & t-shirts
  • bathing suit
  • water shoes w/ thick soles/sandals (no flip-flops)/tennis shoes
  • bug spray (if allergic or easily bothered)
  • sun screen (if you are sensitive to the sun)

PRICE: US $150/per persons