Biological Corrdior Trek 3 days

Bio-Corridor Trek and Caves exploration!

This tour is a 2 nights and 3 days hiking and dry caves exploration. During the 3 days bio-corridor you have the opportunity to see karst topography; a network of caves and cliffs with lush jungle canopy. Earth’s history goes back to when the oceans water was hundreds of feet high with ancient coral reef and marine organisms. As the ocean receded it left what is now known to us as karst topography or limestone.

Join us on a remarkable adventure where we hike through the jungle, do river crossing, and explore dry caves as we make our way through them. Night hikes included the sightseeing of nocturnal mammals.

DURATION: 2 Days 1 night

  • hiking shoes
  • day pack
  • water bottle
  • water shoes
  • hat
  • long sleeve shirt and long lightweight pants
  • shorts and t-shirt
  • insect repellent
  • medication
  • change of clothes
  • snacks and extra water
  • Toiletries

PRICE: US $350/per person


  • entrance and camping fees
  • Hennessy Expedition hammocks for camping
  • equipment
  • transportation to site and back from our place
  • 4 meals
  • guides
  • river tubing equipment