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About Us

We are a premiere adventure operation with over 25 years of guiding experience. Our specialty is the jungle and the adventure treasures hidden in it. Maya Guide Adventures and Jungle Lodge has fused experience acquired from the 80’s and early 90’s when the British Army would do their jungle training in Belize, adopted all the safety components and evolved along with tourism to open a new adventure door for the bold and intrepid traveller. While we do birding and sightseeing tours, our focus is moderate to extreme adventures in the Maya Mountain region of this happy little country. Our tours are very unique, taking you off the beaten path into the best of inland Belize. Whether you consider yourself an adventurous or a more laid back and relaxed traveller, you are our priority, Belize is here for us and we are here for you. Our aim is to keep you safe and for you to go back home smiling and with a sense of a well accomplished holiday. Explore Belize with Maya Guide Adventures, you will not regret it!!